Letters to the Editor for Oct. 13

If vote fails, where will new students go?

To the Editor:

This letter concerns the upcoming Anoka Hennepin election and bond request in November.

First of all, some Anoka-Hennepin School Board members are up for re-election, depending which Anoka-Hennepin election you reside in.

Most important is the request for a bond to cover new buildings and adding to existing buildings. The dollar amount is large, but the average citizen does not know that homes are being built in the Ramsey and Blaine (east of Main Street and Highway 65) areas as I write this letter. I drove a school bus for 11 years and can attest to the large number of new home starts in that eastern part of the district north of 125th Avenue NE and west of Lexington Avenue.

Last school year I drove in and out of Ramsey Elementary. They had nine sections of third grade alone. That school and others are bursting at the seams. At Anoka Middle School for the Arts, only sixth-graders attend the Washington Campus and only seventh- and eighth-graders attend the Fred Moore Campus.

Please read the information that the school district has provided. I plan to vote “yes”. If the issue fails, where is the school district going to house the many students new to Anoka-Hennepin District 11?

Ed Burns

Met Council’s practices not acceptable

To the Editor:

For years, improving accountability and oversight at the Met Council has been a top Republican priority. After all, this is an organization with unelected members and taxing authority – without oversight, it’s a recipe for abuse. This session we began the reform process by passing a law requiring an audit of Met Council finances, so we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

The results of that audit are back, and they are concerning. The Legislative Auditor found that the Met Council reported a $152 million operating balance to federal officials as they worked to obtain funding for Southwest Light Rail. But during a report to the Legislature this year, they reported an $85 million deficit. This deficit led to the governor to demand $70 million for the Met Council in this year’s transportation funding bill.

It’s difficult to explain away a $237 million discrepancy as a simple mistake. The public has a right to expect government officials to be responsible with their tax dollars, but it’s clear that is not happening at the Met Council. At best, this mismanagement signals total incompetence from Gov. Dayton’s appointees; at worst, they deliberately lied to either Minnesota taxpayers or the federal government in order to get what they want. Either way, it’s not acceptable. I look forward to hearing the Council’s explanation for this discrepancy, and the results of the Legislative Auditor’s continued investigation.

Sen. Michelle Benson
R-Ham Lake


Vote for Brian Herda

To the Editor:

There is an important school board election this fall. I am a conservative and will be voting for the conservative candidate, Brian Herda, in District 4 (Andover, Ham Lake, Nowthen, Oak Grove, Ramsey).

With an accounting degree, 28 years of working in the financial services industry and having passed the CPA exam, we need someone like Brain who will watch out for the taxpayers and make sure our tax dollars are being used wisely.

Brian will respect and uphold the rights of parents to be the “teacher” of their own children when it comes to controversial social issues that continue to plague our educational system and public schools.

If you want accountability when it comes to your tax dollars and the right to raise your children and grandchildren based on your family values and beliefs, then I encourage you to vote for Brian Herda on Nov. 7.

Jim Thompson

  • RodKuehn

    Mr. Herda thinks climate change is a “political” issue, as evidenced by his performance at the LWV event of several days ago. Hmmm. Does he believe that California fires and the rash of category 5 hurricanes are chance occurrences? Or perhaps they are God’s judgement on those states for abortion and gay marriage.

    I’d be willing to bet he considers evolution to also be a political or social issue, as opposed to a scientific finding.

    Does he also believe the sun revolves around the earth or that the earth is flat?

    We don’t need school board members who are unable to distinguish between legitimate scientific sources and those who are scamming for fossil fuel companies or religious doctrine. This is not difficult. Just google the “National Academies of Sciences climate change.” End of story.

    Anna Dirkswager knows how to use Google. She understands science and the nature of climate change. These are CRITICAL components of education and are requirements for a prosperous, non-catastrophic tomorrow.