Photo Contest

Photo Contest Submission

Do you have a photo that you'd like to share with us? Well you've come to the right place. Fill out the fields provided below to submit your info.
  • This will only be used to contact you in case we have any problems with your photo.
  • Please select the picture you'd like to submit. Refer to the information below regarding appropriate sizing of photos.

Photos should be the highest resolution possible, at minimum shot with a 2 megapixel camera at full resolution or 1600×1200 pixels or larger, this is to ensure that we can print the photo and it will still look good. You can check this by doing the following…

On a Mac:
1. Click on the file that you would like to use.
2. From the top menu select ‘File’ then ‘Get Info’
3. You’ll see the size of your photo in the ‘More Info’ section listed next to ‘Dimensions’

On a PC
1. Right click on the photo you’d like to use
2. Click on ‘Properties’
3. Click on the ‘Details’ tab
4. You’ll see the size of you photo listed next to ‘Dimensions’