Life Looking Back for Jan. 20, 2012

Red tags are removed from 22 Donnay built homes

Mayor Roger Barnes announced Tuesday that the court action initiated against the City of Blaine by Vern Donnay has been dropped.

Friday, Jan. 7, a hearing in District Court Judge Bakke’s chambers was held on Vern Donnay’s attempt to get a temporary restraining order to force the City of Blaine to remove the stop work orders on 22 homes on the eastern end of 121st street.

Although a closed hearing, both Mayor Barnes and Councilman Knoll were kept apprised of the proceedings by City Manager Dave Lissner and Attorneys Gabe Biancola and Bob Hynes.

– 40 years ago, Jan. 14, 1972


Spring Lake Park approves teacher contract

Spring Lake Park School District 16 school board approved the 1981-83 teachers’ master agreement Tuesday nearly nine months after negotiations began last April.

The agreement will increase teacher salaries in the district by 26.9 percent over a two year period with an average increase of $5,900.

– 30 years ago, Jan. 15, 1982


Early childhood screening required by state for kindergartners, first graders

Kindergartners and first graders enrolling in Anoka-Hennepin schools for next fall will be required to take a test of sorts before they are allowed to begin classes.

The prospective students must undergo an Early Childhood Screening process newly mandated by state law.

– 20 years ago, Jan. 10, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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