Isanti man charged in Anoka stabbing

An 20-year-old Isanti man is facing a felony assault charge, accused of stabbing another man in downtown Anoka Saturday.

Cody William Johnson has been charged with second-degree assault in Anoka County District Court following an altercation near the Rum River Dam in Anoka.

July 14 at 11 p.m. Anoka Police were dispatched to Mercy Hospital where a man was being treated for a stab wound.

The victim told police he and a female friend had been out at the bars in Anoka and had gone to the dam to meet Johnson, who was the woman’s boyfriend.

According to the complaint, the woman and Johnson started to argue. When the victim approached to see if everything was OK, he was allegedly hit in the upper right area of his stomach. While he originally thought he had been punched, when he pulled up his shirt the victim saw that he had been stabbed.

Police saw the gash in the victim’s abdomen area and photographs were taken of the injury before the victim received emergency surgery, according to the complaint.

Police also interviewed a female witness who alleges she saw Johnson with a knife at the time of the altercation. The woman gave a description of the knife and told police Johnson allegedly had the knife in his possession on a previous occasion.

The woman also alleges that while trying to intervene during the altercation, Johnson pushed her while holding the knife, leaving a scrape mark on her elbow.

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