Open house set for Foley Boulevard project

An open house on the proposed Anoka County project to reconstruct a portion of Foley Boulevard in Coon Rapids has been set.

Residents living in the neighborhood of the project, which runs from Highway 10 to Egret Boulevard, have been invited to the meeting at the Coon Rapids Civic Center Thursday, Aug. 23, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Individual meeting notices have been mailed to property owners and residents within a half-mile of the corridor.

Maps showing the preliminary design, which includes closing of some of the residential streets intersections with Foley on that stretch, will be available for residents to look at and comment on.

And both county and city engineering staff will be at the open house to interact with people and answer their questions.

Comment cards will also be provided for participants to fill out either at the meeting or at home.

The verbal and written comments from the meeting will be summarized and published on the county website for public viewing.

The county has received federal funding to pay for most of the reconstruction of this section of Foley, which is less than a mile in length and is scheduled for construction in 2014.

The estimated cost of the work is $3 million and the federal grant will contribute $2.4 million, according to County Highway Engineer Doug Fischer.

Right now, this segment of Foley has two lanes in each direction, no medians, access from all residential side streets and carries a high volume of traffic.

“There is so much access and that causes all the crashes,” Fischer said.

The project proposes construction of dedicated left- and right-turn lanes, constructing a center median, reconstructing the existing traffic signals at 101st Avenue and Egret Boulevard, adding shoulders, reconstruction of a sidewalk and construction of a trail.

While the project is not planned to add more capacity in the form of additional lanes, access from some of the side streets will be eliminated.

According to the preliminary layout map on the county highway department website, there will be full access intersections at 101st Avenue, 102nd Lane, 105th Avenue and at Egret.

But 102nd Avenue will be limited to right-in and right-out, so will 104th Avenue.

And there will be no access to Foley from 104th Lane, 105th Lane and 106th Avenue.

Where the current access to Foley is eliminated, the residential streets will become cul-de-sacs, Fischer said.

Under the county’s timetable for the project, the preferred design alternative will be developed in the fall with another public open house meeting planned before the end of this year with final design to be completed in the spring of 2013.

A technical advisory committee comprising engineering staff from the county and the city of Coon Rapids, as well as the consultant retained by the county to do the environmental work, has been and will continue to meet monthly on the project, while technical staff from local, regional, state and federal agencies have been scheduling agency coordination meetings.

Comments or questions on the project should be sent to Matthew Parent, county highway department planning project manager, at [email protected] or by calling 763-862-4291.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]