Work coming to Spring Lake Park city liquor store

Central Park Liquors will be getting some work done in the new year.

The Spring Lake Park City Council unanimously approved a $53,500 contract with Ditter Cooling and Heating to replace the existing roof-top heating and cooling unit.

Ditter was the lowest of three quotes the city received, with the highest quotes coming in at $58,270, said Assistant City Administrator Dan Buchholtz.

The company will remove the roof top heating/cooling unit and replace it with a Lennox 15-ton Humiditrol unit as well as remove and replace the duct work system, install a Vemar air exchanger with timer control as well as a Lennox furnace/air condition unit to service the office, bathroom and break room.

The duct work, which was installed when the building was constructed 1984, has mold in it, Buchholtz said.

Although the roof-top unit is only 11 years old, it was under size and could not handle the amount of moisture in the building, he said.

With the air exchanger pulling heat and moisture from the store’s coolers, the exchanger was leaving moisture it could not handle in the ducts and in the store, resulting in mold, Buchholtz said.

The store needs the bigger 15-ton unit to handle the moisture, he said.

The project will start in January when business at the liquor store is traditionally slower, Buchholtz said.

The city will be paying for the project using the liquor note, which was created with the 1985 sale proceeds of the city’s two on-sale bars.

The funds will be repaid to the note using liquor sales revenue, Buchholtz said.

The note currently has $770,406 in it and it is used for capital improvements at the liquor store.

Although the council decided by consensus at its Nov. 13 work session to move forward on the project to mitigate the store’s mold problem, the work will have to wait until new job quotes can be received.

The quotes the liquor store staff received were not comparable and the building official is current writing specifications to re-bid the work, Buchholtz said.

“We expect the mold removal (project) to cost between $20,000 and $30,000,” he said.

The council decided at the work session to wait until mid-2013 for replacement of the loading dock, construction of a dumpster enclosure and the replacement of cooler lights.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]