UnionHerald Looking Back for March 7, 2014

Park benefit week

Help us please! This is a united effort by the ladies of Anoka to assist the Park Board in financing the improvements of the new Windego Park. The hearty support of all, every man, woman and child of Anoka is wanted. We can all have a share in this good work, and the benefits will be shared by all. For the week beginning March 16 Woodward’s Store will be under the management of the Park Board, assisted by the various social and fraternal societies named below, for the benefit of the park improvement fund.

-100 years ago, March 11, 1914,
Anoka Union

Anoka busts Braham’s winning streak, 23 to 22

The Anoka high school cagers broke Braham’s winning streak of 20 games by squeezing out a 23 to 22 victory in the 16th district basketball tournament now in progress here. The game was played Friday evening before an estimated crowd of 1,400 wild-eyed fans.

– 75 years ago, March 8, 1939,
Anoka Herald

Deputy hurt as pair attempt jail break

Two prisoners awaiting trial at Anoka county jail surrendered Tuesday after injuring a sheriff’s deputy in a jail break attempt. Authorities may consider further charges against Roger Lee Riddle, 22, route 1, Isanti, and Ronald John Holmes, 26, 118 Smith St., St. Paul. Riddle is awaiting trial on charges of arson and destruction of personal property. Holmes is a suspect in the December armed robbery of the Liberty Park grocery.

– 50 years ago, March 6, 1964
Anoka Union

March 3 will not be soon forgotten

For those who missed the massive snowstorm that swept through the state March 3, Anoka County residents were forced to contend with more than a foot of snow that fell over a 24-hour-plus period of time. School remained in session in District 11 schools throughout the day Friday, but a number of businesses closed down early. Traffic moved slowly, sometimes not at all, and law enforcement agencies and tow trucks were kept busy responding to accidents, most of them minor and vehicles stuck in the snow. The worst snowstorm in several years will not soon be forgotten.

– 25 years ago, March 3, 1989
Coon Rapids Herald

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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